Tunica, Mississippi

Date: May 25, 2018
Location: Tunica, Mississippi
Writer: Scott A Walker

Made our way to Tunica Mississippi to have some family time with Missy’s brother and Wife. Had a ball. Andy and Sharon are such great people! Couldn’t ask for better family members. They are genuine and Andy is funny as shit! We are definitely going back to visit them at their home in Alabama. We stayed at Sam’s Town RV Park and Andy and Sharon stayed at the hotel located there. The really love this place and we do too. It is right on the Mississippi river. They have some “old” slot machines that you have to actually pull the handle. The have new ones as well, Missy loves the new ones.

Weather can get a little crazy here in the afternoon. Thunder storms pop up and the rain and lightning can be intense. Not too bad during our stay.

Thoroughly enjoyed our visit with family. We have decided to return to California and purchase a home so that we can be close to our kids, grandkids, brother, mother, cousins, and friends. So we said our good byes and hit the road.

Restaurants, Cigar Shops, and RV Park Reviews

Restaurant: Sam’s Town Buffet – Tunica, Mississippi
Rating: 4 Stars
Review: This may be the best Buffet I have ever encountered. The fried chicken is to die for! Mashed potatoes were great! If you order one beer you get 2 refills free!

RV Park: Sam’s Town – Tunica, Mississippi
Rating: 4 Stars
Review: This is a great little RV park right next to the casino. Very green and clean!

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