California Delta – Tower Park

Not a bad park they are working hard to upgrade although it is quite pricey for new sites. Much cleaner than it used to be. Close to all our favorite restaurants and bars in the Delta. We plan on visiting them tomorrow. Peter B’s, Guisti’s, Moore’s Riverboat, and Tony’s.

Had a blast today visiting some of the old haunts. First up was Isleton which includes the Del Rio and Ernie’s. Ernie’s has been closed awhile. They use to have great Crawdads (Crayfish/Mudbugs) and live music.

Next up was Al the Wop’s great place for drinks. Can not recommend the food. Only place I know that can ruin a $50.00 steak. Still have jars of peanut butter on the counter along with peppers. It is in the historic town of Locke which is a small tremor from falling down.


We then moved on to Walnut Grove and Tony’s. Tony’s has been around for more than 60 years. Was owned by Tony Enos. He passed away awhile ago but was famous for the limited menu and Portuguese beans. I did not care for the beans but if Tony seen you were not eating the beans he would come to your table add some pepper sauce to the bowl of beans and feed them to you. Needless to say I ate Tony’s beans.


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