Finally made it to Phoenix. Great scenic drive. Smooth sailing thanks to my co-pilot.


Having a ball in Phoenix! You cannot beat the weather here this time of year, warm and sunny.

Enjoyed a day at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park (Formerly Firebird International Raceway) watching NHRDA Desert Diesel Nationals. Who knew daily driver 4 door diesel trucks could run the 1/4 mile in 11.5 seconds at 120 mph. It was crazy watching these things go! Watched a Big Rig run the 1/4 mile in 15 seconds at 100mph! Black Smoke Matters!

Missy also had her first experience with Nitro Funny Cars. Scared the heck out of her at first. Then after she got settled down I think she enjoyed it.

Also spent some time in Old Scottsdale. Lots of shops, bars, and restaurants. Had lunch at the Mission restaurant very good food. Also enjoyed an Al Pastor taco at Richard Rawlin’s favorite restaurant in Scottsdale El Jefe. It was pretty good but not as good as my son-in-laws. Manny introduced me to his Al Pastor tacos and the are the best!


Finally I will say retirement has had a great impact on my patience. Before retirement I had a very low tolerance for what I perceived as incompetence or laziness after retirement I am much more forgiving. One example was at a restaurant the other day we went in and seated ourselves at the bar and patiently waited for the bartender to take our order. Fella walked by a few times, checked his phone, and put some glasses in the dishwasher while we waited patiently. Finally he ask if anyone has helped us? I responded “Who…” and then stopped myself. I was going to say “Who the F@#$ do think would have helped us?” As he was the only one behind the bar. But I didn’t. Progress!!

Visited Apacheland today. It is an old movie set where Elvis filmed Charro. Cool old buildings and church. It is at the base of Superstition Mountain. After which we had a great lunch at a nice little Mexican restaurant. Great food. I had a Chorizo and Egg taco it was outstanding.

After which we headed back to the RV park and I broke out my new smoker. Smoked a tri tip. Came out pretty darn good. Had a relaxing evening smoking tri tip and chillin around the campfire.

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