Phoenix to San Antonio

It has been a while since I blogged so let me get you all up to date...We left Phoenix after a wonderful week of warming our bones, watching some Top Fuel Dragster, Great Food, and Spring Training Baseball.

Headed west towards Las Cruces. About 30 miles outside of Las Cruces we experienced quite a ride when our front tire went flat. Ended well as we were able to pull safely to the side of the road. Had to call a mobile tire service out to put new tire on. We then were able to continue our trip to Las Cruces. Stayed at the Hacienda RV park as planned that night.  Very nice RV park.

The next day we had all tires replaced as precaution and headed to El Paso. I noticed a slight vibration when driving at freeway speeds. So we stopped in El Paso and had it checked. Turned out the tire had contacted the driveline and it was thrown out of balance. With that we found a RV park in El Paso to stay until the repairs could be completed.

While I would not recommend vacationing in EL Paso we were able to enjoy some of the sights. We toured the Magoffin home. It was built by Joseph Magoffin the former Mayor of El Paso in 1875, it is a combination of the local adobe style combined with Greek revival details and is a great example of the Territorial style. Very cool house.

We also visited the Concordia Cemetery. It is an eerie old cemetery. Some real interesting gravesites.

We also were lucky enough to find some great dining establishments that Missy, Lucy, and I enjoyed thoroughly. Missy also made some very good Al Pastor one night. Thanks to Manny for introducing me to this delicious style of taco.

After Betsy (We finally named our Motorhome) got some much needed maintenance we were off again to San Antonio.

Good by West Texas!!

RV Park and Resturants Reviews

RV Park: KOA West El Paso
Ratings: 2 Stars
Location: Anthony, Texas

Review: Large RV Park. All dirt and when the wind blows it is a dust bowl. Full hook ups and 50 amp. I would not recommend it.

Restaurant: Crave
Ratings 3.5 Stars
Location: El Paso

Review: Small place with an interesting menu. Missy had a salad and I enjoyed bacon wrapped shrimp. Hard to go wrong with anything wrapped in bacon! Missy really liked her salad as well. Service was a little spotty though. I would recommend it.

Restaurant: Ripe
Rating: 4 Stars
Location: El Paso

Review: Very good food. I had flat bread with jalapeno spread and skirt steak while missy enjoyed some shrimp tacos. Both were very good! Lucy was able to join us as they have a dog friendly patio. She enjoyed the skirt steak as well! I would recommend the place.

Restaurant: Block - Table & Tap
Ratings: 4 Stars
Location: El Paso

Review: Very good food and beer. I tried the sausage platter and Missy enjoyed a nice chicken salad. The sausages and the pretzel were excellent! The too had a dog friendly patio so Lucy once again joined us for lunch and this time she was eyeing the beer.


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  1. Glad that you survived West Texas. It can be a savage and inhospitable place. Hopefully Betsy is back in fine shape and you have clear sailing from here on. Never been to San Antonio so scout it out for the best stuff.

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