On the Road…Finally

Well we have finally headed south after a GREAT bon voyage soiree thrown by our wonderful daughter and son in law. Thanks Manny and Tiffany the food was excellent. Great to see the family before taking off. Jacob, Tiffany, Manny, Darrol, Becky, Ryan, Janice, Colton and PG we will miss you!!

Had an opportunity to tour the Japanese Gardens at Mickie Grove park. It was beautiful.

Wonderful drive down interstate 5. The hills are all green and with the cloud cover it was pretty spectacular. Ended the day at Orange Grove RV park east of Bakersfield. It is literally and old orange grove that now is a RV park. There are still hundreds of Orange trees were you can pick your own. Picked a couple for Missy to have with her cottage cheese for breakfast. Great weather upon arrival (mid 70’s) allowed for some relaxing outside and chatting with our neighbors. They are from Cool, Ca and are headed to Mesa as well. After which it clouded up and rained most of the night (made for some great sleep).

Tomorrow we are headed to Palm Springs.

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