Date: May 20, 2018
Location: Nashville – Tennessee
Writer: Scott A Walker

Well we are back in Nashville. We love this town! Not only is it a beautiful area of the country but it has country music everywhere. Who could ask for more. We plan to visit the surrounding areas and sites including Franklin and Carnton Plantation. It is a historical civil war site on Franklin. As well as lower Broadway to enjoy some great country music.

We made it out Carnton Plantation for a history tour. We visited the Carnton when we were in Nashville last time. The plantation was the site of the battle of Franklin in November of 1864. During the 5 hour battle 2,000 lives were lost. The Carnton house was turned into a field hospital and 300 soldiers were placed inside the 9 room structure. There is still blood stains on the wood floors where the mass amputation took place. 150 of those brought in that night died. The McGavock family was first thrust into taking care of the wounded and later would bury and care for the grave sites of 1,400 soldiers on their land.

We also walked around downtown Franklin. It is a gorgeous little town outside of Nashville were a lot of Country Music Stars reside. Had fun people watching and having a couple drinks and appetizers at the Red Pony.


After we returned from Franklin we were taking Lucy out for a nice walk at the RV park. As we were walking Missy mentioned how nice the weather was and at that moment the skys opened up and a deluge of water was dropped on us. We ran (I walked) to a a porch cover and waited for the rain to pass. It didn’t! So after a few minutes I decided to run and get the jeep and come back and pick up Missy and Lucy. Man did I get soaked. When I got to the RV there was a river flowing through it. Our rug, door matts, and other people sandals went floating by. I was able to go back and retrieve Lucy and Missy all of soaked to the bone. It was crazy! I have never seen o much rain in such a short period of time.

Saturday afternoon we headed to Nashville and to the honky tonks on Lower Broadway. We love this place so much to see and some darn good live country music. We love all our favorites, Tootsies Orchid Lounge, Ace Feed & Seed, BB King’s Blues Club, The Wild Horse, and The Stage.

Restaurants, Cigar Shops, and RV Park Reviews

Restaurant: Red Pony – Franklin, Tennessee
Rating:  4 Stars
Review: Great appetizers and drinks at the Red Pony. Missy enjoyed some sushi rolls while i had some very good pot stickers.


Restaurant: Nashville Underground – Nashville, Tennessee
Rating: 4 Stars
Review: Great wings and strawberry salad! Service was marginal but food made up for it.

RV Park: Yogi’s Jellystone RV Park – Nashville, Tennessee
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Review: Nice RV park about a mile from the Grand Ole Opry and the Opry Mills Mall. Lot’s of trees and some grass. Close to a lot of good food and bars with live music.


2 thoughts on “Nashville”

  1. Did you get pictures of the Batman Building??
    When Cheryl and I were there in June we stayed at the Three Rivers RV place just up the frontage road from the Yogi Bear Park. We found the people very friendly. Cheryl mentioned that she did not have to open a door back there. The people referred to her as Mam !!

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