Lake Reunion RV Park

Made it to Lake Reunion RV Park just outside of New Orleans. Very nice RV Resort with all the amenities. Grandkids could have a ball here. It has a pool, lazy river, an inflatable obstacle course on the lake, miniature golf, basketball, volleyball, tennis, walking trails, and multiple bars for the adults. Place is crazy.

We were able to take in a gator tour as well right down the road. Very interesting history and sites. Learned about a devastating storm in 1915 long before there was any organized emergency response to assist people during a natural disaster. People were pretty much on their own. Seen a small cemetery bask in the swamp where people were buried in 1915. Also seen a couple shacks where people lived a hundred years ago. Life was hard but simple.

Had a great time exploring Hammond, Slidell, and Ponchatoula. Great little towns with some darn good food. Ate at a little roadside BBQ joint named Salty Joe’s. Great service and great food.

Restaurant and RV Park Reviews

Resturants: Salty Joe’s BBQ – Hammond
Rating: 4 Stars
Review: Great place. Very cool roadside BBQ. Great food, big beers, and great décor. Had swings at the bar so you can eat, drink and swing at the same time.

Resturants: Southside Café – Slidell
Rating: 4 Stars
Review: Great place. Very funky little café/bar. Great food and great décor. Ordered a Ponchatoula Pig. It was delicious! Thin sliced pork loan with tangy BBQ sauce and pepper jack cheese. Missy had a great salad with a ton of shrimp.

RV Park: Lake Reunion
Rating: 4 Stars
Review: Nice Park all around. A ton of amenities and has grass, trees, and concrete pads all are essential elements of a good park. Would stay here again.


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