Flag City – Lodi Wine Country

Hanging out at Flag City RV Park outside of Lodi for a few days fine tuning everything before heading south. The plan is to explore Lodi wine country and the downtown area of Lodi. Love the Lodi Beer Company.

Motorhome is progressing nicely. As you can see by the pictures we have everything and the kitchen sink with us. Have all the comforts of home on wheels.


Ever since Lucy Marie’s promotion to Chief of Security she has been patrolling none stop. Need to get a beware of Porkie sign (Pug/Yorkie). She may be only 6 lbs. but she is fearless.

Made it out to the Consumnes river preserve today after enjoying a great sunrise. Good hiking trails and an abundance of birds and waterfowl. We then made it to one of our favorite restaurants Brewster’s in Galt. It did not disappoint. Great French Dip and Cobb salad. Our friend JR took care of us from the kitchen.

Then enjoyed a great sunset…life is good!


Well we explored Lodi wine country today and Lodi lake. Lucy had a ball walking around the lake. I was surprised at how many wineries/tasting rooms that have been established around Lodi. It is obviously a must stop for any wine aficionados. Beautiful day after the early morning fog burned off.

I want to preface this with the fact that I like Wally World (Walmart) but I have seen some pretty strange things in the Wally World’s in Stockton while we have been staying in Lodi for a couple of days.

So yesterday I made a pilgrimage to Wally World to pick up some RV supplies and as I pulled in this fella pulls up with a completely flat tire and sparks coming from the rim. He proceeds to park in a handicap parking area (no handicap placard or plate visible). Gets out of the car like everything is right in the world and strolls into Wally World. I could smell the burning rubber from across the parking lot.

After taking this all in I proceeded into Wally World to do my shopping. After completing my shopping I lined up to pay for my items. I noticed the clerk (Customer Service Manager) was really struggling when processing payments. Took several times and cards for the lady in front of me. Undaunted I pushed my basket forward and unloaded my items on the conveyer  belt. The clerk scanned my items. I then inserted my debit card in the card reader to pay for said items. The clerk then informed me that I had attempted to process the transaction twice and that if it fails the third time my bank will freeze my debit card. I looked at the fella and announced that I had only tried it once not twice. He offered back no you tried it twice, do you want to look at my screen. I replied no and proceeded to process the debit card again. This time with success. After which I thought this is all to weird, so i quickly checked my bank traction history on my phone and it showed that I had been charged twice and credit back once for the same amount. I then offered that information to the clerk. He looked at me oddly and agreed that was strange. I then offered to let him look at my phone screen. He declined. Having my phone handy I pull a picture of the car that I had taken early and showed it to the clerk and asked him if by chance if it was his car. He didn’t understand but I did and I chuckled all the way out the store…

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