Bodega Bay

Lucy Marie

BBQ Oysters

Well we made it to Bodega Bay. Great Park about 1 mile form the beach. Beautiful scenery and great weather. Went for a walk through the woods this morning and come upon the bell tower. It was built in memory of a young boy (Nicholas Green) who was killed in by highway robbers in Italy. Then on to the beach to introduce Lucy Marie to the ocean...she loved it.

It was not all great though. We ate at Inn at the Tides against my better judgment. The oysters were so good at Hog Island I decided to have oyster again. Bad idea. Ate two and could not stomach anymore. Bartender asked how i liked them and commented that they look great. I told him that shit shouldn't be served to humans. Than asked if i wanted them to redo them? Hell no i wouldn't feed that shit to my dog.

Well i paid the bill and we left. All good till about an hour after bed. Then it happened. I was awoken by terrible stomach pains. Made a dash to the bathroom. barley made it in time for a Wet Cheeks Poop: (The power dump) Comes out of your butt so fast, your cheeks get splashed with water. No Bueno!!

Needless to say I do not recommend the Inn at the Tides

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